Automatic Bang Reloaded


Automatic Bang Reloaded

Mother: Platinum Oreoz #7

Reversal: Black Powdered

Terp Profile: Burnt Gun Powder, Sulfur, Rubber, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Cocoa


Intersex Rate: <5%

Winner Rate: 70%+ of phenotypes

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

The original Automatic Bang was so good that I had to reload the chamber with this one! In this version I reversed my Black Powdered Cut and pollinated my selected pheno Platinum Oreoz #7 from In House Genetics which is the opposite of the original cross. This is the opposite combination compared to the original to bring out different dominant and recessive alleles in the offspring. If you enjoy volatile sulfur compounds and old school funk this one will deliver. Modern day appearance with some loud AF terps. I’ve been able to find phenos that range from rotten octopus to creamy diesel and burnt gun powder. Some phenos will have cocoa and vanilla bean ice cream flavors. The effects are on point with old school strains and the flavors are long lasting and memorable. A true craft cannabis experience from my garden to yours.

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