Tricho Jordan (Genetix Matter Cut)

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Tricho Jordan (Genetix Matter Cut)

Chimera #2 x Chimera #3 AKA Chimera R2

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This plant checks every single box for home/commercial cultivators and breeders looking for a very unique experience. Everything she touches turns into a gold and diamond mine. A heavy yielding plant. She produces mouth watering terpenes that consist of salted caramel and barrel aged cognac with undertones of vomit. She has an average veg time and a 60-65 day finishing time. Excellent for creating hash (flower rosin and fresh frozen).

Please allow 5-15 days to process order and 2-3 days for shipping.

Comes with a 100% guarantee.

10% of net profits will be donated to a Domestic Violence Charity at the end of 2024

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